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Graduate Program Advising

Graduate Student Coordinator

SBS Graduate Students are encouraged to meet early and often with the Graduate Program Coordinator.

Shannon Nielsen
(801) 581-5636

South Biology Building

257 South 1400 East, Rm. 223









Choose a Thesis Advisor

Ecology, Evolution & Organismal Biology (EEOB) students often identify a thesis advisor before joining the School. Molecular, Cellular & Evolutionary Biology (MCEB) students usually rotate through several labs before selecting an advisor.

Complete the Qualifying Exam

A graduate student's course of study and qualifying exam format are arranged in consultation with an individual supervisory committee, including the thesis advisor and four other faculty members. The qualifying exam is normally taken at the end of the second year.

Secure a Teaching Assistantship

Each Ph.D. student must work at least one semester as a teaching assistant. Additional teaching may be done as a source of financial support and as training for an academic career.

Write & Defend a Thesis

The culmination of a student’s research is reported in a thesis. A defense of the thesis with the thesis advisor and committee is usually scheduled during the student’s final semester.


Combine a Masters with a Bachelors

SBS offers a focused and accelerated graduate degree program in which students complete both their Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in five years. Students are accepted into this program in the fall of their junior year.

BS/MS Program Requirements

Faculty Recruiting Graduate Students

Available August 1, 2021