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Eric Charnov

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. University of Washington


Specific Interests
  • Evolutionary ecology: foraging, sex allocation, sex ratio, sexual selection & life-history
  • Metabolic ecology: body size, temperature & biological rates
  • Scaling & allometry in population biology

Selected Publications

  • Charnov,E.L. and W.M. Schaffer. 1973. Life-history consequences of natural selection: Cole's result revisited. American Naturalist 107:791-793.
  • Charnov, E.L., G.H. Orians and K. Hyatt. 1976. Ecological implications of resource depression. American Naturalist 110:247-259.
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  • Charnov, E.L. 1982. The Theory of Sex Allocation. Princeton, 355 pp.
  • Charnov,E.L. 1991. Evolution of life history variation among female mammals.PNAS 88:1134-7
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