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Welcome to Biological Sciences

As an undergraduate, advising is your gateway to the School of Biological Sciences. Here you have a dedicated team to help you navigate your education.

Academic Advising Appointments

We are now offering academic advising appointments for either in-person or virtually. To make an appointment with one of the advisors or to utilize our drop-in advising times, click the links below.

First-Year Milestone Advising Appointment Info:

All First-Year students will be required to meet with an Academic Advisor before being able to register for the Spring 2024 Semester. We will be offering the following appointment types: in-person, virtual (video) and some small group advising sessions. Please note that our appointments are only scheduled out 2 weeks in advance so you might have to check back to find a time that is available. Students will have a six-week period to meet with an Academic Advisor. It it's getting close to the end October and you have not been able to meet with an advisor please email and we will work with you.

If you are wanting to meet with Mark Campbell please note he will only be available for virtual appointments on October 2nd and October 9th through 17th.


New to the School of Biological Sciences?

Drop-In Advising Info

Meet with an Advisor in Person

Meet with an Advisor Virtually

Are you doing the Biochemistry Major? If so please make an appointment with the Biochemistry/Chemistry Advisors:

Meet with a Biochemistry/Chemistry Advisor


If you have a general question, please email: 

For transfer-related question, please email: 

For Biology Major Requirements:

Major Requirements


Advising Team


Savannah Manwill

Academic Advising Coordinator
 James Talmage Building (JTB) Rm 220b

Mark A. Campbell

Senior Academic Advisor
 James Talmage Building (JTB) Rm 210

Bree Molinari

Academic Advisor
 James Talmage Building (JTB) Rm 208

Sean Meyer

Senior Academic Advisor
 Frederick Albert Sutton Building (FASB) Rm 104a

Kelsie Richards

Academic Advisor
 James Talmage Building (JTB) Rm 220a

Madeline Marshall

Senior Academic Advisor
 James Talmage Building (JTB) Rm 204

Course Transfer Information

Information for course transfer-related questions: