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Molecular, Cellular & Evolutionary Biology Program

MCEB Program

The MCEB program focuses on how complex biological systems emerge from molecules, cells and genes – the fundamental units of life.

The intended learning outcome for the Molecular, Cellular, and Evolutionary Biology graduate program is to graduate PhD students at the forefront of research and prepare them for careers in research, industry, and education. Training will include oral and written communication skills, critical data evaluation, and hands-on experience with a variety of state-of-the-art research methods.

Faculty who are recruiting graduate students

Research Interest Areas

Behavior & Neurobiology

How animals use their nervous systems to shape behavior

Biochemistry & Structural Biology

How the molecular machinery of life assembles and works

Cell Biology

How the basic units of life construct themselves and function

Coevolutionary Biology

How species that interact closely shape each other

Developmental Biology

How complex organisms arise from single cells

Evolution & Biodiversity

How species diverge from their ancestors and each other

Genetics & Genomics

How genes and environments interact to shape phenotypes

Microbial Biology

How single-celled organisms rule the world

Plant Biology

How plants diversify and make the fuels used by other living things