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Course Transfer Guidelines

To transfer course credits from another institution to the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Utah, follow these guidelines.

Visit with your advisor so that you can successfully complete the requirements.





Get your out-of-state transfer(s) started:

Send syllabi of courses you wish to petition for transfer as a PDF attachment to

The body of the email should follow this format:

  • U of U Major
  • uNID [If issued one. If not indicate that you haven’t received it yet]
  • Name
  • Previous Institution
  • Semester and Year Taken (Ex: Fall 2020)
  • Format Taught (In-person or On-line)
  • Course Equivalencies (Ex: Biology xxx for BIOL 1210)

In-State Transfer Guide


Once your request is approved, complete the following:  

  • If you need to request a permission code, complete a permission code request form.
    Permission Codes
  • Forward your transfer approval e-mail to
  • Determine that your transfer courses appear on your degree audit (check your degree audit regularly)
  • Once transfer classes show up on your audit, send an email to stating that your courses are now on your audit and request that  the appropriate degree audit exceptions be entered. 

Please note: Degree exceptions can only be entered for a student who has declared a biology major. 



Petitioning for course transfers from other disciplines besides biology

Course syllabi in mathematics, chemistry and/or physics should be sent to the respective university departments to count towards major requirements in a declared major of biology.

Request that the department (or departments) notify once courses have been approved so that they can be applied towards the biology major.



Physics & Astronomy

If you see transfer courses on your Degree Audit that you think should clear General Education requirements, but aren’t doing so, and you are a College of Science major, please submit the General Education Requirement petition form.

General Education Petition Form