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Jim Ehleringer

Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. Stanford University

Graduate Program Membership:

Office/Building: ASB 522A
Phone: 801-581-7623
Ehleringer Lab:

Research Statement

Humans are having an ever-increasing influence on Earth, resulting in global changes that impact ecological systems and ecological cycles. These global changes include altering the trace gas composition of the atmosphere, changing the abundances and distributions of water and nutrients, and facilitating the spread of invasive species. In the Ehleringer Lab, we study the interactions between the global change drivers, ecosystem form and function, and the responses of plant species. Our experimental approaches include physiological flux measurements, stable isotope analyses, and geographic information system (GIS) modeling. Folks in the lab are omnivorous in their interests and our studies often expand to include animal physiology, anthropology, diet reconstruction, and fundamental forensic science interests.

Research Interests

General Interests
Specific Interests
  • Global change ecology
  • Urban ecology
  • Plant adaptation

Courses Taught

  • Biol 5460 & 5465: Plant Ecology and Lab
  • Biol 5470 & 5475: Stable Isotopes in Ecosystems
  • Biol 7473 & 7475: Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry and Ecology
  • Biol 6921: Isotopics