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A Conditional Mouse Model of Synovial Sarcoma: Insights into a Myogenic Origin

Vol. 11 No. 4

Endurance running and the evolution of Homo

Nov. 18, 2004

Genomic Diversity and Evolution of the Head Crest in the Rock Pigeon

Vol 339, no. 6123, 1 March 2013

Structure-Function Analysis of Mammalian CYP2B Enzymes Using 7-Substituted Coumarin Derivatives as Probes: Utility of Crystal Structures and Molecular Modeling in Understanding Xenobiotic Metabolism
The Function of Haypies of Pikas (Ochotona Princeps)

Volume 78, Issue 4, 26 November 1997, Pages 1156–1163

Developmental Morphology of Limb Reduction in Hemiergis (Squamata: Scincidae): Chondrogenesis, Osteogenesis, and Heterochrony. Journal of Morphology

Vol. 254 No. 3, pp. 693-700

Developmental Basis of Evolutionary Digit Loss in the Australian Lizard Hemiergis. Journal of Experimental Zoology (Molecular & Developmental Evolution)

Vol. 297B, No. 1, pp. 48-56

Linking Definitions, Mechanisms, and Modeling of Drought-Induced Tree Death

Vol. 17 No. 12, pp. 693-700

Ecological traits influence the phylogenetic structure of bird species co‐occurrences worldwide

Vol. 17, No. 7

New records of Acanthocephalans from birds in the Philippines with a description of a new Porrorchis species and identification keys for the genus

Vol. 98 No. 6

Pheromone mediated modulation of pre-flight warm-up behavior in male moths

Vol. 215 (13)

Diffusive fractionation complicates isotopic partitioning of autotrophic and heterotrophic sources of soil respiration

Vol. 33 Issue 11, pp. 1804-1819

Host-Parasite Evolution: General principles and avian models

20 chapters by 27 authors

Radiocarbon dating of seized ivory confirms rapid decline in African elephant populations and provides insight into illegal trade

Vol. 113, No. 47

The Cytoskeletal Regulator Zyxin is Required for Viability in Drosophila melanogaster

Vol. 293, No. 9

Canopy Roots: Convergent evolution in rainforest nutrient cycles

Vol. 214, No. 4524

Research Brief: Against the Wind: How Male Moths Follow Female Pheromones

Vol. 6, No. 7

Consequences of Interspecific Variation in Defenses and Herbivore Host Choice for the Ecology and Evolution of Inga, a Speciose Rainforest Tree

Vol. 187, No. 2

Walk or ride? Phoretic behaviour of amblyceran and ischnoceran lice” International Journal for Parasitology

Vol. 46, (2016) 221–227

Role of cytochrome P450 2B sequence vatiation and gene copy number in facilitating dietary specialization in mammalian herbivores

Vol. 27, No. 3

Landscape Lab: Collaborative Re-Design of the Williams Building Landscape
New Host and Locality Records for Ixodes Simplex Neumann and Ixodes Vespertilionis Koch (Acari: Ixodidae) From Bats (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae, Rhinolophidae, and Vespertilionidae) in Southern China

Volume 38, 2012 - Issue 1

Axons Break in Animals Lacking Β-Spectrin

Vol. 176, No. 3

Experimental Viral Evolution to Specific Host Mhc Genotypes Reveals Fitness and Virulence Trade-offs in Alternative MHC Types

Vol. 109, No. 9

Stable Isotope-Based Diet Reconstructions of Turkana Basin Hominins

Vol. 110, No. 26

Coevolutionary Arms Race Versus Host Defense Chase in a Tropical Herbivore-Plant System

Vol. 114, No. 35, pp. 9487-9748

Fractal Dimension of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein: Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering and Computational Study of the Bacteriophage ∧-Protein

Vol. 20, No. 12

UNC-13 is Required for Synaptic Vesicle Fusion in C. Elegans

Vol. 2, No. 9 , pp. 959-964

Stretch-Induced Actin Remodeling Requires Targeting of Zyxin to Stress Fibers and Recruitment of Actin Regulators

Vol. 23, No. 10

Epigenetics and the Evolution of Darwin’s Finches

Volume 6, Issue 8, August 2014, Pages 1972–1989

Ecological Immunology of Birdectoparasite Systems

Vol. 26, No. 11, pp 515-556

Too hot to trot? Evaluating the effects of wildfire on patterns of occupancy and abundance for a climate-sensitive habitat specialist

Vol. 24, No. 7

The chorus-line hypothesis of manoeuvre coordination in avian flocks

Vol. 309, No. 5966